We believe that knowledge shall be an instrument for the accomplishments of individuals and of society if used in a shared and conscious manner.

In the companies in our Group, this means mastering the techniques of engineering and management, having a highly qualified team of professionals and the capacity to combine our competencies with those of leading partners in their segments of activity. Knowledge is the cornerstone of our success in implementing the most relevant projects of infrastructure.

For our clients, this means that we go beyond developing offers tailored to their specific demands and delivering with quality the services for which we were contracted. Starting from an overall comprehension of our clients’ business, their market and their strategy, we compile knowledge to identify opportunities, anticipate new demands and propose solutions which comprise the complete life-cycle of their investments.

 We are aware that knowledge is exercised through our professionals
It is therefore the explicit policy of our companies to make significant and systematic efforts to ensure that our people are technically and managerially updated. We encourage all our professionals to pursue self-development, we offer challenges, regular analyses of their competencies and we draw up plans of career advancement together.

We constantly take the nature and size of social and environmental impacts inherent in our companies’ services into account. We use natural resources in a rational way, we use recyclable materials whenever feasible and we take measures to mitigate our production of waste. We endeavor to live harmoniously with the communities in which we have activities, respecting people, their traditions and values. We develop sustainable technologies for our clients and we adopt them in our services. We take steps to raise awareness of preservation and environmental education among our professionals, partners, suppliers and the communities where we operate.

We also disseminate knowledge through our social investments, which are completely focused on the field of education, since we understand this to be the key factor for the progress and development of society. The activities of the Instituto Razão Social and the programs implemented by our companies have made these actions a reality.