Ownership Model

The Promon Group is controlled by Promon S.A., a holding company responsible for executive and strategic coordination of the organization. Its head offices are located in the city of São Paulo. Group companies have physical presence in eight other Latin American countries. Its only shareholders are professionals linked to the Group.

The organization’s ownership model gives each of its professionals a sense of belonging to the community. It aims to reconcile the interests of capital and labor, involving all members of the organization in the pursuit of common objectives and a concern with its perpetuation.
The ownership model is harmoniously integrated with the organization’s governance structure and participatory approach to management without being an indispensable requirement for either.
Authority is delegated by the workforce to senior executives who are elected by the community for their readiness and capacity to take on this responsibility. Decisions are made by consensus whenever possible. The ownership model is more than a legal structure. It is democratic, transparent, participatory, and above all the economic translation of the organization’s ideals and values.