Promon Engenharia has worked in an integrated way on the Vanadium of Maracas Project, of Largo Resources. The plant was inaugurated today, 21/5, in Bahia

Published in 21/05/2014
The company`s contribution to Largo Resources ranged from the project`s initial phase to its execution in the EPCM model (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management)
The Vanadium of Maracas Project represents yet another milestone for Promon Engenharia in its trajectory of over 50 years of achievements in the mining sector of Brazil and overseas. “We are very proud of our participation in this important project of Largo Resources and we compliment them on the success of their initiative and thank them for their confidence in us. This project is not only a showcase for our work philosophy, characterized by an integrated vision – engineering for construction, administration and field management with qualified professionals – and the incorporation of elements of sustainability, but it also allows our company to place its stamp on the first vanadium pentoxide plant in Brazil and the Americas”, commemorates Felipe Lima, CEO of Promon Engenharia.
After preparing the basic project in 2011, Promon Engenharia was selected to install the vanadium pentoxide plant under a contract model known as EPCM (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management). Promon was responsible for detailing of basic engineering, for the purchase of all the equipments, for the administration of the civil construction and electromechanical companies and for the follow-up of commissioning activities. Nearly 130 Promon professionals were involved in the installation of the plant.
Committed to the business from its first stages of development, Promon Engenharia’s activities in this enterprise exceeded the services normally supplied by engineering companies and extended beyond the definition of Capex and EPCM. “We assisted Largo Resources in its interactions with investors and its relationship with the banks in setting up financing, by bringing an objective view of the challenges and risks inherent to the installation of the project. We believe that Promon’s practical experience and history of success were highly valuable elements in the negotiations”, states Felipe Lima, in reference to the fact that the greenfield project was implemented using the Project Finance model.
Systemic perspective and integrated engineering and environmental solutions    
In addition to the contractual models which are covered by EPCM and EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction), Promon can provide both  assessment and feasibility studies of the projects investment and risks.; support for regulatory matters and for raising financing; and consultancy and implementation in environmental processes (evaluation, licensing among others). “Our systemic vision for the sustainability of the enterprise also involves the environment and social aspects, as well as assessment, implementation and management of the logistics associated with mining projects” declares Alvaro Bragança, the business director for Natural Resources, Energy and Industries of Promon Engenharia.
Concern for the environment during the development of the Vanadium of Maracas project and after its installation, together with the level of confidence and respect for Promon Engenharia’s technical recommendations, were decisive for the entry of Brandt Meio Ambiente, a company of Promon Meio Ambiente, to assume partial responsibility for the solutions to reduce environmental impacts from the works. Another important factor in choosing Brandt was the fact that the company had been responsible in 2006 for global consultancy for environmental licensing – a part of Brandt’s expertise, for which it is acknowledged in the market – of the Vanadium of Maracas project.
Brandt was responsible for the environmental consulting, which included the preparation of an inventory of greenhouse gases (GHG), with later revision of this study, and for the acoustic modelling based on the sound volume levels of the project, followed by a future review stage of this modelling. “The review stages enabled preliminary studies to be validated on the basis of more concrete data, since they were performed under the real, operational conditions of the enterprise”, comments Wilfred Brandt, CEO of Brandt Meio Ambiente.
Integrating environmental projects with the conception and installation of engineering projects leads to important benefits. “We have invested heavily in the development of business with an integrated vision of engineering and environment. Besides optimization of costs, compulsory compliance with environmental legislation and gains from energy efficiency which result from the timeline itself of the project’s installation, the rework arising from posterior definition to implement actions to mitigate environmental impacts is avoided and possibilities are created to generate value, by utilizing sub-products originating from the production process”, concludes Alvaro Bragança. 
About Promon Engenharia -

Established in 1960, Promon Engenharia, belonging to the Promon Group, is a Brazilian company recognized for its competence in the field of engineering, the management of enterprises and prominent entrepreneurial capacity. Its field of activity principally covers preparation of the project, integration, and implementation of complex infrastructure solutions destined for key sectors of the economy. The more prominent among these are electric energy, oil and gas, processing industries, and chemical and petrochemical, mining, and iron and steel products.

In its 50 years of activity, Promon Engenharia has developed one of the most expressive arrays of projects already developed by a national company in the infrastructure areas. During this period, the company took part in initiatives that exerted a direct impact on the country’s development, such as the building of petroleum refineries, petrochemical units, maritime terminals, power plants and their transmission systems, iron and steel and mining mills, the automotive and aircraft industries, the implementation of telephony networks, the construction of commercial buildings, besides large railroad, road and public transportation projects.

In addition, the award of “Company of the Year” granted in the 2011 edition of the “Best and Biggest” companies yearbook published by Exame magazine, the constant presence of the Promon Group in the rankings of the best companies in which to work and of the model companies in the field of enterprise sustainability, such conquests as the “MAKE – Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise” Award and the “Top of Mind Award in Project Management” granted by the Project Management Institute – PMI, besides the winning of the National Quality Award granted by National Quality Foundation in 2007, show the solidness of its managerial practices and the success of its enterprise model.
Established in 2011, Promon Meio Ambiente was born as a major step taken by the Promon Group to pursue its goal of making sustainability the cornerstone of its activities. It acts as the group’s environmental arm in infrastructure projects and is structured so as to aggregate the expertise of the Group itself, especially in Promon Engenharia and its environmental area, with that of Brandt Meio Ambiente, TerraVision Geotecnologia e Geoinformação, and Verti Ecotecnologias.