Promon Group announces a new company: Promon Intelligens

Published in 23/07/2013
The new company offers differentiated strategic and technological consultancy and has been built upon the experience of the Promon Group in over 50 years of activities in Brazil and the world
arose from the identification of a need for differentiated consulting services, from a strategic, technological and managerial standpoint, in the sphere of companies which undergo the complex dynamics of transformation. This perception was formed by the close bonds established by the Promon Group with a large number of clients who represent a wide variety of market segments. The competencies found in the Group companies and their experience gained from 52 years of activity have motivated the company to present the market with a new value proposition.
“We are acknowledged for our competence in handling the challenging issues of current business reality. The Promon Group’s clients, on account of their size and profile, make up a significant sampling of companies which can benefit from the offer of integrated consultancy services, based on the three pillars of activity of our Group: a systemic view of the client’s business environment, full access to innovative applied technology and the capability to implement business enterprises”, states Luiz Fernando Rudge, chief executive officer of the Promon Group.
“The changes associated with technology, which is evolving at a fast pace, interfere directly with the formulation and development of company strategies today. Our history of constantly pursuing innovation, allied with our environment of companies with a strong technological background and a broad knowledge base have given us the credentials to help our clients anticipate trends and assimilate available technologies in order to spearhead their strategies”, comments Rudge.
It has become vital to have a systemic view, one of Promon Intelligens’ pillars of action, for ventures to be successful in increasingly complex environments, in which the interdependence of a number of factors must be carefully considered when taking strategic decisions, so as to raise the efficiency and reduce the risks of the business. The Promon Group has pioneered the application of integrated methodologies to this systemic view, such as those advocated by the interdisciplinary approach of systems engineering, which allows Promon Intelligens, on analyzing the future of the client’s business, to cover topics simultaneously which, if considered individually, may not reflect the true dimension of corporate challenges. These questions include, among others, regulatory aspects, the environment and the cultural adaptation of a business enterprise.
Most business leaders agree that one of the factors responsible for the difficulty in fully achieving business goals is faulty implementation of formulated strategies. Managing this implementation is therefore one of the main differentials of Promon Intelligens. Throughout all these years of activity, the Promon Group has acquired an unparalleled reputation in project management and the installation of new businesses.
The organization has a series of methodologies which ensure the effective implementation of its recommendations within the desired period and costs.
Problems solved by giving priority to innovative and differentiated knowledge, wherever that may be
Access to technical and technological knowledge found in the universe of the Promon Group enables Promon Intelligens to offer a broad spectrum of quality services, structured in a value proposition that is designed to assist in solving clients’ problems, by recommending the best strategies and suitable technical solutions for the success of both projects and businesses. 
This network of knowledge is comprised, internally, of Promon Engenharia, a benchmark in engineering and project management, with ample experience in ventures in the modalities of EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) and EPCM (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management); of Promon Meio Ambiente / Brandt, leader in environmental consultancy, geoprocessing and development of ecotechnologies; and of PromonLogicalis, the biggest solutions integrator for information and communications technology in Latin America.
In other, more specific spheres of knowledge, Promon Intelligens also relies on the support of ITP – Promon Institute of Technology, an entity active in prospecting new technologies and in cementing the Promon Group’s relationships with the academic world; and of the Razão Social Institute, a not-for-profit society which channels the social investments of the Group into the area of education.
Luiz Fernando Rudge concludes: “For us to be assertive, our proposal for strategic and technological consulting is an all-encompassing one. We offer the expertise of the Promon Group and in the event that this knowledge is not internally available, we can count on differentiated resources in our extended network, through partnerships with national and international entities, among which is the already consecrated partnership with MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and others in the development phase in Europe and the United States.”
To sum up, the capacity to anticipate technological, regulatory and market trends; the access to competencies found in the other companies of the Group and an ecosystem of leading-edge organizations; and a history of success implementing business ventures and projects, have set Promon Intelligens apart in the Brazilian business environment.

About Promon Group

Established in 1960, Promon is a Brazilian company recognized for its competence in engineering, enterprise management and strong entrepreneurial capacity. Its field of activity mainly covers the project, integration and implementation of complex infrastructure solutions for key sectors of the economy. Prominent among these sectors are electric power, oil & gas, the processing industry, chemical and petrochemical industries, mining, iron and steel, information technology, and communication. 

The organization’s operational activities are carried out by three companies: the wholly-owned subsidiary Promon Engenharia, PromonLogicalis Latin America (which resulted from the merger of Promon Tecnologia and the Logicalis Group), and Trópico (a joint venture with Fundação CPqD and Cisco Systems). Also a member of the Group is the Fundação Promon de Previdência Social (Promon Social Welfare Foundation), the Instituto de Tecnologia Promon and the Instituto Razão Soial (Social Reason Institute), an organization jointly maintained with Gerdau and counting on the support of a technological partnership with IBM Brasil.
Promon’s constant presence in the ranking of best companies to work for and of the model companies in respect of corporate sustainability, besides its having won the National Quality Award granted by Fundação Nacional da Qualidade in 2007, evince the solidity of its managerial practices and the success of its enterprise model.