PromonLogicalis to use Logicalis brand in Brazil

Publicado em 09/12/2016
Change will take place as of March 1st, seeking to reinforce regional integration and ease communications with company’s main interlocutors

PromonLogicalis, provider of information and communications technology services and solutions for Latin America, is to adopt Logicalis brand in Brazil from March 1st, 2017.

he new brand adoption has been planned as part of the company’s regional integration evolution strategy, in place as a major strategic pillar since its creation in 2008. Over the last eight years, PromonLogicalis has positioned itself as leader of the technological transformation process for major Latin American clients, especially telecommunication carriers, large corporations and public organizations. Focused on systems integration, high added value services and business consultancy, the company has become a continental reference for the ICT sector.

“The time has come for us to pursue greater consistency in terms of brand, especially considering our client base, among which are 500 multinational companies that we serve simultaneously throughout Latin America. By regionally unifying the brand, we hope to ease communications with our main interlocutors across all geographical sites in which we operate, coordinating our value proposition in a completely homogeneous way”, says Logicalis Latin America CEO Rodrigo Parreira.

The executive also highlights the importance and the strength of the Promon brand in the Brazilian market, ensuring that all its broadly recognized qualities – such as technical excellence, project management ability, ethical commitment and business transparency – remain intact as crucially rooted in the company’s DNA.

​Rebranding does not imply any alteration in the company’s corporate name, nor corporate or shareholding structure, currently composed by 65% participation of Logicalis Group and 35% of Grupo Promon.

About PromonLogicalis 

lis a provider of information and communication technologies services and solutions for Latin America with operations in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay. With outstanding consultancy capacity and a world class network of partners, PromonLogicalis offers dynamic and well-structured offerings to meet the needs of all its 800 technological infrastructure clients - including telecommunications carriers, corporate market and the public sector. The company has a team of about 1.400 professionals spread across its operations in nine countries in Latin America, region with approximately invoice of US$ 500 million per year. PromonLogicalis is a joint venture between the Brazilian group Promon and Logicalis, an international provider of ICT services and solutions, with presence in Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia and Oceania.​

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