Corporate Structure and Governance

The Promon Group is controlled by the holding company Promon S.A., which encompasses the executive and strategic coordination of the organization. Its only shareholders, directly or through Promon Empreendimentos e Participações S.A. (PEPSA), are professionals affiliated to the Group.
PEPSA is the controlling company of Promon S.A. Its shareholders are senior professionals from the organization’s companies, invited to participate because of the relevance of their actions and adherence to its principles.

Democratic, transparent and participative, more than a legal structure, our shareholder model is the economic translation of the organization’s ideals and values. By voluntarily engaging in the model, our professionals amplify the amount of their share in the wealth created and of their participation in the life of the company.
The concepts which we have adopted are in perfect harmony with the best practices of good corporate governance and with the principles of transparency, integrity, accountability and corporate responsibility.
Founded on our values and ideals, the exercise of leadership in the organization is upheld by stimulation and appreciation for the participation by all the professionals in the life of the company, in an effort to arouse a sense of belonging to the Promon community in every individual. The decision process is strongly influenced by the ownership model and decisions are taken with emphasis on consensus.

Board of Directors
Promon S.A.’s Board of Directors, the highest governance body in the organization, is responsible for upholding the principles which govern the Group. It is responsible for formulating the objectives, the policy and general guidelines of the organization’s business and its management and ensuring that the commitments to stakeholders are honored. It acts on the leadership system, assigning, evaluating and assisting its members. The Board of Directors is elected by the shareholding employees, by direct and secret ballot, for three-year terms.

Executive Committee
Elected by the Board of Directors for three-year terms, Promon S.A.'s Executive Committee is responsible for managing the business portfolio, accompanying the performance and management of each one of the companies in the Group and constantly striving to align them with the vision, mission, values and objectives of the organization.

The mandate of the current members of the Board of Directors and of the Executive Committee began in April of 2016 and terminates in April of 2019.